Professionally: Front-End Developer
Amateurly: Everything Else

Front-End Development

I am a front-end developer living and working in the Boston area. I work on projects from the initial designs through revisions, production and maintenance. Much of my work has been optimized for traditional screen sizes but, as you can see from this site, I am current with responsive design and excited about creating more work with HTML5 that is structurally and visually dynamic on mobile devices as well.

Catherine Maldonado

Catherine Maldonado

Web Designer & Developer

Catherine Maldonado

Street Pianos Boston

Designed and painted a piano for Mass General


I work on illustrations in my spare time, finding competitions and public art projects to use in lieu of design briefs. I discovered that I work best with guidelines, and deadlines, to focus my creativity.


Html and CSS

Solid ability to wield HTML and CSS for optimal editabilty, SEO performance, and browser compatibilty.


Begininning as sketches on paper, illustrations maintain a whimsical hand drawn quality when I convert them to high quality, scalable Illustrator files.


I leverage open source PHP frameworks like CakePHP, SimplePie, and CouchCMS to incorporate social media already in use by the client, build web stores, and create content management systems.


Incorporating javascript and jQuery launches sites from flat images to interactive and engaging experiences. It can make them easier to maintain, too.

Adobe Photoshop

From creating client comps to photo editing and building templates for updating website assets, Photoshop is my best friend.


Inside the ICA at night

looking out over the harbor

Other Activities

Snapping Photos
Novel Songs